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Individualized clinical treatment with the freedom and support to Live Life Well

BlueSky’s goal is to deliver comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment so our clients can recover from a wide range of diagnoses. For clients who enter our Enhanced Treatment Program (ETP), we offer them a unique opportunity to focus exclusively on their therapy and recovery with a short-term furnished apartment rental and their own Life Coach. Learn more.

“When your loved one needs Individualized Clinical Treatment
We Can Help!“

There is something different with your family. You feel it and so do your family members. You, your spouse, partner or your adult child have changed.

For some reason, they are no longer open to you; you feel at odds with everyone; are secretive about their personal life or maybe even withdrawn. You are concerned. However, you do not know what to do. At BlueSky, we can help!

BlueSky’s professional team provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment for a wide range of diagnoses; we deliver treatment that means success.

OUR ENHANCED TREATMENT PROGRAM (ETP) does this with our Clinically Comprehensive treatment program. ETP pairs this excellent care with the opportunity to get away from your troubles with a short-term rental of a nearby furnished apartment and with the assistance of one of our supportive Life Coaches. This means you (they) will receive the treatment that you (they) need so that you (they) can get through this rough period and emerge as a well-functioning person once again.

Our dedicated psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and substance abuse counselors all add to this growing process. With our state-of-the-art services and treatment coordinated through the Clinical Treatment Team, managed by Dr. David Moore our Clinical Director, you can be sure that they are in good hands. Their weekly progress review with our treatment team provides the necessary information to make adjustments to their treatment. This means that critical interventions are based on relevant data rather than subjective opinion. A good thing for them and you!

If this approach sounds good to you, why not call or contact us today to experience first-hand how we can help you and your loved one to Live Life Well!

Our clinical staff is experienced in treating a range of disorders and co-occurring diagnoses in our Individual and Group Therapy sessions.

BlueSky’s expert substance abuse counselors help clients break free of the addictions and substances that have captured their lives.

Take one of our exclusive Self-Help Tests & Get Immediate Results.

Our quick self-tests are an easy way to determine if you, or your loved one, could benefit from professional help at BlueSky.

CARF Accredited 3 Year Award

CARF is a national accrediting organization that assures patients that the programs they accredit are among the best in the country. Visit for more info.

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